We pride ourselves for on-time and on-budget and high quality design-led project delivery. As a result, we are selective about who we choose to work with and retain the leading professional teams.


What Makes Us Different?

Over the past decade, Smart Environment have undertaken numerous high quality and fast track projects in London and the Home Counties in a “Turn-Key” manner, for a selected number of clients. 

Our fast-track project delivery stems in our professional approach, financial accuracy and transparency, healthy accounts, rigour in programme and supply chain management, and combined with our project management skills and a broad range of accreditation. These are among the reasons that we are a trusted contractor by many of the banks and development lenders who fund our client’s projects, as well as surveyors, architects, property management companies, and direct or self-funded clients.

The design-led approach that we have adopted guarantees aspects every client or contract administrator is likely to appreciate: accuracy and predictability. Predictability of costs and predictability of timelines, making the goal of ‘on time, on budget’ achievable for every project we deliver. 



Traditional Construction
Since the start we have looked to build long term relationships; we have now seen the benefits of having most of our contracts awarded on a negotiated basis. However we do understand new clients who would look to award a contract on price, before we are able to demonstrate our value.
Therefore we are able to tender a variety of projects from bill of quantities to specification and drawings based on conventional contracts.

Construction Management
Our strength lies with management skills, therefore we are well suited to undertake fast-track projects on construction management in co-ordinating both the design and construction activities of all trade contractors. During the contract programme we monitor and control closely all aspects of cost, time and quality, while keeping close links between trade contractors and the client.

Design & Build
As part of our tailor-made services to our clients, we offer Design & Build services on both commercial and residential projects, including new build and refurbishment. Our team of professionals work closely together to handle each assignment from concept to hand-over coupled with caring after sales service. Detailed financial projections and specifications are of course agreed and constantly monitored.


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